Clean air, suitable anion concentration

- Jun 27, 2018-

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, an invisible, intangible source of pollution has been receiving increasing attention from all walks of life. This is electromagnetic radiation that people call "invisible killers." For the good conductor of the human body, electromagnetic waves will inevitably constitute a certain degree of harm. In general, radar systems, television and radio systems, radio frequency and microwave medical equipment, and communications transmitting station and EHV most household appliances and so can produce various forms of electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies and different intensities.

Nowadays, electromagnetic radiation pollution is recognized as an important source of pollution that harms the ecological environment. The UN Environment Conference also listed it as an important pollution prevention target. With the wide application of electromagnetic technology, people are beginning to notice the pollution problems brought about by the benefits they enjoy. The issue of prevention and control of electromagnetic radiation pollution has also become an important difficulty and hot issue in the field of environmental law.

1. Avoid prolonged continuous operation the computer, note a break. To maintain a proper posture, the distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40 to 50 cm, allowing the eyes to look flat or slightly down to the screen.

2. The interior should maintain a good working environment, such as comfortable temperature, clean air, suitable anion concentration and ozone concentration.

3. Computer room light to fit, not too bright or too dark to avoid direct exposure to light in the screen by interference of light. The studio should be kept dry and ventilated.

4. Filters should be used on the screen of the computer to reduce visual fatigue. It is best to use glass or high quality plastic filters.

5. Using a computer radiation eliminator, the computer radiation eliminator uses electronic shielded waveform shaping, oscillating interference, derivation, and absorption methods through the power supply; it enables the computer and its auxiliary equipment to achieve near-ideal state of the alternating current, and it can dynamically discover and track the computer motherboard, The radiation generated by CPUs, hard disks, monitors, keyboards, mice, and devices connected to computers is absorbed, converted, and eliminated through smart chip modules inside the product, effectively eliminating the invisible killers that affect our health from the roots—computer radiation. !