Make the radiation protection door more airtight

- Jun 27, 2018-

The radiation protection door is a special kind of door that hospital radiology department must install and use, because it uses high-density lead metal, which can effectively block the radiation emitted by the equipment during inspection, so as to ensure that the radiation will not harm the staff. What are the characteristics of the radiation protection door in terms of design and make it more convenient to use?

1. Special movements to close the door can make the door frame fit more closely

The quality of the radiation protection door is very heavy. It is very laborious to switch it by hand. Moreover, most of the radiology examination room doctors' operating room and the patient's examination room are separate, so they need to be switched on electrically. The door, in order to smoothly open and close the door, the radiation protection door adopts a high-power but small-sized DC brushless motor. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-speed gear box and a special track design with a small noise. When closing the door, there will be an inward direction. And the downward movement, so that after closing the door can be more closely with the rubber around the door frame to ensure that the rays will not escape from the door.

2, the use of security sensors to prevent people

Because of the large weight of the radiation protection door, if it is caught, it is very easy to cause injury. In order to avoid such accidental injury, the radiation protection door uses a safety sensor. When the sensor senses that someone is near the door, it will open automatically. The process also terminates by sensing someone coming in, so it can effectively prevent the human body from being caught by the protective door.

3, rubber tank design is reasonable and easy to maintain

The rubber groove on the radiation protection door frame adopts a detachable design. If the crack or damage of the rubber strip in the groove requires repair or update of the radiation protection door, the rubber strip can be directly removed from the groove, and then Install a new rubber strip to ensure the airtightness of the door frame.

This is a few important features of the radiation protection door in the structural design. Through the introduction, we can see that the newly introduced radiation protection door fully takes into account the convenience of medical personnel and the protection of doctors and patients, so it is reasonable. The design makes the radiation protection door more airtight and effectively prevents the damage caused by the radiation.