Reduces or shields electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation

- Jun 27, 2018-

Everyday life of modern people is exposed to the environment of electromagnetic radiation. Medical experts have shown that electromagnetic radiation poses a threat to human health. Therefore, people begin to take protective measures against electromagnetic radiation in their lives, and a series of radiation protection products also appear on the market. Products, radiation protection work clothes is one of them. Is radiation protection workwear useful? What kind of people need to wear it?

Radiation protection work clothes

Radiation protection work clothes are mostly made of silver fiber radiation protection fabrics or metal fiber blended radiation protection fabrics, which have the effect of reducing or shielding electromagnetic radiation and radio wave radiation. The manufacturing process is relatively complicated. Nowadays, radiation protection workwear industry is in a good state of development. There are many styles and brands, but the performance of radiation protection work clothes has been questioned. Is radiation protection workwear useful? Can you shield complex electromagnetic radiation?

Is radiation protective clothing useful?

Radiation protection work clothes, like other radiation protection clothes, contain metal fibers inside, and can form a shielding net to shield electromagnetic radiation. This is the working principle of all radiation protection clothes. Anti-radiation experts carried out professional tests on radiation protection work clothes, among which the China Consumers Association also purchased professional radiation protection work clothes in comparison experiments with 21 radiation protection clothes, which were radiation protection equipment and radiation protection tooling. According to tests conducted by the China Consumers Association, professional radiation protective clothing is provided at the neckline, hem, cuffs, and trousers, and has a good shielding effect against electromagnetic radiation. The radiation protection workwear is useful.

Radiation protection suits

The style of radiation protection work clothes is mostly styles such as coats, work clothes, suits, etc. It is not suitable for all groups to wear. So what kind of group of radiation protection suits is suitable for wear? Radiation-proof workwear is more formal than the design style, partial occupation style, and the shielding effectiveness is higher than other types of radiation protection clothing performance, therefore, radiation protection work clothing is more suitable for communication units, IT companies, research institutes, hospitals and other electromagnetic radiation Contact with more people, especially the computer room, monitoring room, R & D office and other special places. TV station workers, telecommunications, mobile communication industry, banking system, postal communication industry, high-speed road monitoring room and other environment staff.