Should have a function of aborting

- Jun 27, 2018-

There are many types of protective materials in the industry, and the scope of the involved industries is also very extensive. The main task of the radiation protection door is to protect and ensure the health of everyone. How to protect the radiation protection door's service life? Let's take a look at the following tips from Feng Xin Xiao Bian to learn more about the maintenance of radiation protection doors.

1. When the curtain is operated, the operator needs to stand in a position where it can see the operating condition, otherwise it will be easily damaged and damaged.

2, the curtain and door mechanism only with the acid, alkaline solution touch, to prevent corrosion curtain appearance.

3, the door machine in the operation, taxiing, transmission and other parts should be regularly checked (at least twice a year), and timely refueling as required to ensure normal operation.

4, in the process of opening and closing the suspension should be with the function of suspending, should not be suspended and continue to decline in appearance, such as seizure interval is greater than 50mm of the situation presented, should be immediately on the control of electrical appliances and door brakes to carefully check and repair, Normal operation stopped.

5. Curtains and rust-prone areas should be subject to regular anti-corrosion, paint and maintenance treatment to prevent heavy objects and hard objects from impacting the facade.

6. If there is a large amount of jitter or abnormal noise during operation, it shall be stopped and checked, and the cleaning will interfere with the normal opening and closing of curtains.

7. The lower limit direction of the bottom seat of the radiation protection door is necessary to maintain a distance of more than 200mm from the lower end of the bearing frame, so as to ensure that the braking appearance does not occur when the brake is stopped.