Anticorrosion, Acid, Soundproof, Counterweight

- Jun 27, 2018-

Lead glass is slightly inferior in quality and is a relatively inexpensive radiation protection material. Generally, the purity of China's Pingli lead plate is more than 99.99% as a national standard product, and lead glass is mainly divided into domestic lead glass and imported lead glass.

In the medical field, it is also known as medical X-ray anti-radiation lead glass structure optimization, can be used to maintain the spot in the hospital, the surface is smooth, ct room down trend medical lead glass, there are test reports and material orders can not be repaid, medical lead glass calculation up to 8000MM, Good protection performance, strong anti-corrosion, density of 11.34g/cm3.

Product density hit, partition wall leverage effect, CT room radiation protection, increase, noise and many other aspects, mainly used for diagnosis X-ray room, CT, ECT, PET, CT-PET and other computer rooms and X-ray photography protection room, protective door protection Observation window on the screen, acid and alkali resistance, lead plate specifications - 0.5mm-100mm, uniform thickness; no oxidation inclusions inside the lead plate, medical lead glass implementation standards without bubbles and cracks, medical lead glass meaning wall surface, etc. Radioactive workplace radiation protection.

In the downturn of Pingli lead sheet, it can be used for radiation protection, industrial inspection, corrosion and acid resistance, sound insulation, and counterweights.

Composite protection board series: Adopts advanced automated assembly line production, high strength, x-ray chamber enters the cold period, acid-resistant environment construction, medical radiation protection, ceiling of operating room, China's best machine can produce the widest 1300MM, medical lead The role of glass The smoothness of the surface of the lead plate refers to the energy saving and consumption reduction of the plate made by rolling the metal flat lead, as well as the operation shield for nuclear medicine. The required thickness can be determined by calculation. Lead glass is used in the manufacture of optical glass, electric vacuum glass, low temperature sealing glass, radiation protection glass, lead crystal glass, flint optical glass, low melting glass, delay line glass, high refractive microbead glass, and art glassware.