Avoid Long-term Radiation Damage To The Human Body

- Jun 27, 2018-

The radiation protection door is a kind of access door that must be used in the radiology room and the interventional treatment department. Under this kind of occasion, the radiation protection door can shield the rays with superior protection effect and avoid the damage caused by long-term radiation to the human body. Can also bring better results for the rational use of medical rays. The application of ray protection door is a very special channel door, the following small series to explain to you the uniqueness of radiation protection door is reflected in what aspects.

1, reflected in the use of the material is more resistant

It is well known that the goal of using a radiation protection door is to shield the radiation. Therefore, the surface of the radiation protection door is made of various materials with high hardness and high density, such as stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. Or the door of the radiation protection door is mainly made of lead plate with higher density. This kind of material with higher density can provide better protection effect, and it is also the main reason for radiation shielding door shielding rays.

2, reflected in the way the control is more intelligent

Nowadays, whoever says that the manufacturer's technology has been continuously improved, radiation protection doors have been controlled using programmable controllers and frequency conversion circuits, and a multi-function switch can be used according to the needs of customers, and the state of the radiation protection door can be freely controlled by pressing a button. Under this kind of intelligent control state, if the radiation protection door is closed, it will stop automatically if it encounters an obstacle, effectively avoiding the damage of the door leaf and causing injury to the passerby.

3, reflected in the appearance of more beautiful and practical

The appearance of the radiation protection door is also one of its characteristics. Usually, high-voltage electrostatic powder coating or stainless steel decoration is used to meet the needs of different colors to meet the decorative styles of different hospitals. It also ensures that the smooth surface is convenient and clean for the hospital. Aseptic treatment brings better help.

It can be seen from the above that the low-cost and high-quality radiation protection door has a high-quality door frame sealing structure, so when used, it has excellent sound insulation effect and shock absorption effect, and avoids the problem of leakage of medical information. With the gradual improvement of the manufacturers' capabilities of radiation protection doors in China, the quality of medical radiation protection doors has also been better upgraded. It is believed that in the future development of radiation protection doors, more features will be explored.