Comfort, Breathability, Washable

- Jun 27, 2018-

Radiation protection clothing, also known as electromagnetic radiation shielding clothing, using metal fibers and textile fibers mixed weaving, manufacturing process is more complicated. The radiation protection suits available on the market are mostly civilian, and the audience is dominated by pregnant women and special professionals.

Radiation protection suits should be first used by the United States military industry, and the development of the industry is also becoming more and more mature. Fabric technology and textile technology are progressing year by year. There are many kinds of radiation protection fabrics on the market, including coating type, multi-ion type, and metal fiber type. There are many differences in the effect of radiation protection, wearing comfort, breathability, and washability.

Radiation protection fabrics are: coating, multi-ion, stainless steel metal fiber, silver fiber and so on. Radiation protection clothing has gone through four generations: the first generation of copper-nickel and other coated fabrics, airtight, particles are easily scattered, harmful to the human body, can not be washed, has been eliminated; the second generation of stainless steel fiber fabric, better protection, breathable, Can be washed, the fabric is too thick, protective capacity is limited, fiber filaments are easily broken, is gradually being eliminated; the third generation of silver fiber fabrics, protective ability, thin fabric, can be washed, represented by mulberry silk silver fiber, natural protein and Silver fiber blended, not only maintains superior electromagnetic radiation protection, but also adds healthy skin-friendly properties and soft, breathable clothing. The fourth-generation nano-silver ion vacuum high-energy beam electroplating technology uses nanotechnology to change the conventional silver particles from 40 nm to 0.1 nm, reducing the chemical reactions (such as oxidation) between the active molecules in the gas and the evaporation source materials, thereby strengthening Density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion. The conductive performance, radiation protection effect, and oxidation resistance achieve a qualitative leap, resulting in a silver content per square meter that is much higher than that of other surface-plated silver fabrics. This technology is currently the most advanced silver fiber processing technology in the world, and it is also an anti-radiation effect. The most ideal fabric.

The radiation protection suit uses the loop formed by the metal fibers in the garment to generate the induced current, and the induced electromagnetic current generates a reverse electromagnetic field for shielding. A good metal conductor can reflect electromagnetic waves. That is, when the aperture of the metal mesh is smaller than 1/4 of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave (wavelength = speed of light/frequency), the electromagnetic wave cannot pass through the metal mesh.