Different Frequencies, Different Intensities

- Jun 27, 2018-

Electromagnetic radiation is invisible, invisible and intangible, and some statements about electromagnetic radiation are not issued by authorities. Some of the radiation protection products and radiation protection plants on the market have been verified or tested by an authoritative organization. However, they cannot be blindly worshipped, and they must be aware of both sides correctly. Therefore, everyone should not be too sensitive and do not rely on some businesses. The advertising campaign correctly understands electromagnetic radiation.

Behind the person is a central nervous system, which is the main hematopoietic system. Due to the deteriorating environment, more and more people are suffering from leukemia. The underlying cause of various types of cancer is the destruction of the hematopoietic system. Radiation is one of the most important killers. For the fetus that is still developing slowly in the mother's uterus, in the expectant mother's belly, she absorbs the nutrients in her mother's blood to absorb the nutrients. Imagine if the radiation destroys the mother’s hematopoietic system, the mother’s blood Question, how can babies be healthy? Therefore, it is very important to protect the central system.

The energy derived from electromagnetic radiation depends on the frequency: the higher the frequency, the greater the energy. High-frequency X-rays and gamma rays can generate large amounts of energy and can destroy molecules that make up human tissue. In fact, the energy of X-rays and gamma rays is enough to ionize atoms and molecules and is classified as “ionized” radiation. Although these two types of rays are used for medical purposes, overexposure to radiation will damage health. The electromagnetic energy generated by X-rays and gamma rays is different from the electromagnetic energy produced by radio frequency emission devices. The electromagnetic energy of a radio frequency device belongs to the lower frequency end of the frequency spectrum and cannot be classified as "non-ionizing" radiation because it cannot break the chemical bonds that bind the molecules together.