It Is Necessary To Ensure That The Various Components Of The Radiation Protection Door Are Useful

- Jun 27, 2018-

Some people do not know about the equipment and protection of radiation-proof lead doors. Today, our company explained to us the equipment and protection of radiation-proof lead doors.

Radiation protection lead door protection:

First and foremost, it is necessary to provide an excellent application environment for radiation-proof radiation lead doors. Do not pile debris on the radiation protection doors. Store indoors without direct sunlight, keep away from heat sources, ventilate in an excellent room, and prohibit acid and alkali. Contact with chemicals to prevent shortening their operational life. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the various components of the radiation protection door are useful and do not present the phenomenon of lack of damage. If the damage of the radiation protection door is found in the usual protection, it must be repaired in time and cannot be dragged to the next time. When the radiation protection door is cleaned, it is forbidden to use ordinary detergents for cleaning, or it is also impossible to use acidic and alkaline detergents.


Radiant lead door equipment:

1, check the required equipment radiation door to door, X-ray inspection and switch active smoothly 2, put the door into the door hole (when necessary remove the door leaf), packaging contact surface and vertical wall, if necessary, correct the wall 3, in The vertical positioning of the hinge side frame, it is necessary to point in the same plane point radiation prevention how accurate the equipment 4, the hinge side frame for retention, pull the explosive (M10 pull burst, pick drill) retention or pull tab retention , need to be robust 5, adjust the vertical position of the lock position, the position of the door to complete the distance between the common gantry, after all, fixed 6, turn on the radiation protection lead door, check the switch is not active, until the cement slurry or foam After the glue is dry, remove the blank sheet and its backing plate. 8. The door body is made of GB steel skeleton, stainless steel is used as the panel, and the interior is lined with high-quality X-ray protection panels. The cold bonding process produces high output. Equipped with special stainless steel protective door special door hinge, hardware quality, import protection door special engineering lock. In a variety of styles, a variety of specifications to choose from.