Regular Dust Cleaning Of Radiation Protection Doors

- Jun 27, 2018-

With the rapid economic development, all kinds of equipment are becoming more and more high-end. Of course, the radiation hazard brought by machinery and equipment will follow. General hospitals are equipped with radiation protection doors and protective lead glass, so many workers who will be in it will have doubts - in the radiology department of protective doors and protective lead glass can really play a role in radiation protection?

In fact, we do not need to worry about this problem. The thickness of the shielding wall designed for all accelerator rooms is calculated and designed according to the maximum energy and dose rate of the installed machine. Generally, the thickness of the shielding wall is usually a little thicker than actually required. The ct and dr produced by the radiology department are kv-level rays, and the energy is much lower than radiotherapy equipment. Inside the protective door, a certain thickness of lead plate is added, about 2 mm. The protective window is also made of lead-containing material, commonly known as lead glass. As long as the installation of equipment is standardized, the protective effect can be achieved. Moreover, the state has a special inspection department to conduct inspections every year or every two years. The purpose is to ensure the health and safety of the public and staff. Each test will issue a test report. If problems are found in the future, they are responsible. If you do not trust, you can let the functional departments of the hospital ask professional organizations to measure.

Radiation protection doors have an irreplaceable role in shielding radiation. Due to the special metal materials, they are expensive, so daily maintenance, especially proper cleaning, must be done.

Regularly clean dust from radiation protection doors. Once the radiation protection door is contaminated with dust and dirt, chemical substances in it will corrode the surface of the door, and if it does, it will affect the performance of the protective door. Correct cleaning method: If the surface of the radiation protection door is contaminated with oil, etc., it is not easy to clean the stains. However, it is best not to wash them with strong acid or alkalinity.

Special attention should be paid when using sulphuric acid to clean the wall surface. Do not let the protective door be damaged. Otherwise, the surface of the radiation protection door will be damaged, and the surface protective film and oxide layer will be damaged.