Xray Lead Glass For Hospital CT Room

lead glass window for CT room

Product Details

Xray lead glass for Hospital CT Room

Common size
Lead lined alluminum frame /stainless frame
Good quality, glass from Corning,USA brand.we're agent of Corning glass,so price is  comptitive price. nearly same as mainland glass.

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1500 X 1000 X 20mm

1500 X 900 X 20mm

1200 X 1000 X 20mm

1200 X 900 X 20mm

1200 X 800 X 20mm

1000 X 800 X 20mm

900 X 600 X 20mm

800 X 600 X 20mm

700 X 500 X 20mm

600 X 400 X 20mm

800 X 600 X 15mm

600 X 400 X 15mm

 SpecificationsThe series of products are high-quality and complete specifications.
This series of high content optical lead glass have main functions in shielding X-ray and nuclear radiation for being widely used in hospitals and nuclear power plants. The series of products are of high-quality with the complete

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