Xray Shielding Board Replacement Of Lead Sheet

Xray Shielding Board Replacement Of Lead Sheet

xray shielding panel replacement of lead sheet
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Xray Shielding board replacement of lead sheet

Common size: (12mm thick--2mmPb,18mm thick ---3mmPb



Price:46usd/sq.meter, (= 4.28usd/ sq.ft)

MOQ:100sq.meter (=1077sq.ft)


Metal pallet, each pallet 3T max, 

Panel density:3.6g/cm3,

1pallet=30pcs/pallet for 2400x900, each pcs 93.3*30=2899.36kgs

1pallet=25pcs/pallet for 3000x900,each pcs 116.6*30=3016kgs

1pallet=72pcs/pallet for 600x600,each pcs 15.6*72=1219.74kgs


Cost would be half of lead sheet.

If you're interested,kindly let us know.

We also have color panel,then no need to do surface decoration again.


Waiting for your confirm.